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Austin Healey is a 6 member band based out of central Wisconsin. We currently play selections from the past 4 decades of different genres including classic and top 40 country country, classic and top 40 rock, bluegrass, and yes a few polkas too (hey, it is Wisconsin!).

Current members include (click on their name for more information): Dave Simonis (fiddle, pedal steel, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Al Pieper (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals), Bonnie Garrigan (guitar, vocals), Pat Wallner (keyboard, vocals, guitar), Joe Wallner (bass guitar), and Kurt Singer (percussion, vocals). All have played in various bands over the years including Whiskey River, Whiskey River Ramblers, Wild & Blue, Dakota County, Dusty Rhodes, Copperhead Road, Blue Jade, Loose Strings, and a bunch more as well! Everyone's diverse backgrounds, musical tastes, and personalities have classically fit together to produce a truly great band.

From bar room to dance hall and county fair to wedding, the audience is assured to have a great time!